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yesterday i reblogged a text post about how dc is not as bad as people make it seem and said i liked it better than marvel and lost 10 followers including 2 of my longest mutuals. um.


It’s not really about one being better or worse than the other, it’s about a good portion of the Marvel fandom, who doesn’t read DC comics, prancing around about how much better they are than DC, without no backup arguments. “I don’t read, but-“

Just face it that they’re both still very problematic, even for all the good that they’ve done or\and are doing. Other than that, don’t bash people for preferring whatever they do. If you only like Marvel, let the DC fandom be, no need to make anything into a competition and vice-versa. 

People just need to cool it.

Both are great at doing what they do. It’s all the same writers and artists jumping from company to company all the time though. Saying Marvel is definitively better than DC or vice versa is ridiculous because they’re near enough just the same thing expect characters have different names. That being said, it’s fine to prefer one over the other, I’m probably reading more Marvel than DC at the moment, and the Marvel I’m reading is probably better, but I still prefer DC. A lot of the mainstream Marvel fandom are ridiculous, as you said, they’re as bad as console fanboys bashing each other for basically the same product.